Sylvia, the artist, Reinhardt paints in oils, encaustic, watercolor or anything that leaves color behind the brush, pen or stick. She makes dolls and puppets and other creatures from cloth, polymer clay, papier mache, wood, found objects, or whatever looks interesting.

She loves painting portraits, landscapes, still life, floral and abstract on canvas, wood, furniture, music instrument carriers, walls, doors, or sidewalks.

She lives with her husband, Max, in Florida and Virginia.

For a free consultation, please contact her at

Important show followup: Over 50 art lovers visited Sylvia and Max during A recent Shenandoah Valley Art Center's Open Studio Tour.

From Waynesboro's News Virginian. (Bolding by website administrator.) 

In Lyndhurst, the old train station was open for view. Saved by Max and Sylvia Reinhardt, they made the station their home and have created and carved out a comfortable living room with sofas with paintings adorning each inch of wallspace (article image below). The original waiting room for train passengers has been turned into a bedroom and Sylvia’s actual studio is outside in a separate area.

"I started painting on my own at age 30," she said. "I was lucky to have found some great teachers.”

Based on the positive response, Sylvia and max plan to provide another open studio/station session sometime soon. details to follow.

for the feedback and fun -- Thank You!